Student Writing

Part 6


What is it? 

Our customers have routinely told us what we need to do better.  Statistical analysis conducted by HACT and its partners, highlights access to service and poor communication as mainstay drivers of high costs and low customer satisfaction. This session will systematically shorten the distance between your customers and service delivery.

What you will learn

Use subject matter expertise to conduct lean reviews of key customer processes. Introduce a visible neural network of live performance data at all levels of the organisation.  Create an open culture of challenge and reward.


Create a blueprint for and implement re-engineered processes designed by front line teams. Reduce failure demand and empower front line staff to resolve service issues quickly.  Reduce complaints and compensation payments. Minimise customer call back and contact centre traffic. Prepare the ground for building capability on the front line and reducing overhead costs.  Create a common understanding and schedule for sequencing and repurposing of roles into online support functions.