Student Writing

Part 1


What is it?

A perfect storm has meant our sector needs to reconcile pressures to be commercially efficient while retaining social purpose. Our customer demand is evolving and our services are becoming more diverse. We need to meet this challenge head on and ensure our businesses remain customer centric.

What you will learn

Challenge and change must become second nature. This introductory session explores our common and unique challenges and makes the case for change wherever you are on your journey. Learn how to move away from a myopic approach to transformation and galvanise your change mindset across the business from CEO to front line teams.


Making change stick! Get to grips with all the moving parts of enterprise-wide transformation, using our Digibite product developed in partnership with Halton Housing. Identify your priorities for change, develop agile cross-departmental change delivery functions, build your business case and enable agile, cross-departmental change delivery functions to ensure financial social value benefits are measured and realised. Build solution focussed relationships with sector peers to continue developing and sharing best practice back in the workplace. Set the scene for making continuous business improvement, business as usual.